Sunday, August 13, 2006

First comes Love, Then comes Marriage, Then...

Comes the baby in the baby carriage! For those of you that have not heard, Jonathon and I are going to have a baby! We found out last week that we were pregnant, and we are both very excited and looking forward to being parents. How the baby develops and grows and the entire process from beginning to end is amazing and something only God could orchestrate. At nine weeks, our little baby already has most of its organs (although most not functioning yet) as well as the beginnings to all its fingers and toes and he/she is less than 2 inches long! We are very thankful for this incredible blessing! Our due date is March 13, 2007.


Hubbard's said...

Congratulations!!!! I've looked forward to hearing this from you guys! You will be awesome, Godly parents!!! Love in Him! Hubbard's

Travis & Lindsay Myers said...

Congratulations guys, we're so excited for you! Seems like ages since we've seen you. Hope all is well and praying for you and your ministry continually and now your newest addition!! Let us know if you're ever back in the area we would love to get together.

Brooke said...

Hey Jessica and Peep!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is Brooke Pepper. How are you doing???? That's really exciting that your having a baby! I can't wait to hear from you!
Um......miss you!
My e-mail is hope every thing is going good! :D Your in our prayers

Fabianna Tenorio said...

Hi Jessica,

this is Fabi from Brazil! Great to hear the news! Congratulations! All the best for you three! I've just read some of your stories in your blogg. :-)
I am doing fine! I still live in Munich, Germany. Well, I will write you a separate email, lot to tell... greetings to all Farrs!