Thursday, August 17, 2006

Golf Lesson

Last night was the first time that we've gotten to get all of our youth sponsors in the same room at one time. It was an exciting night. I hate calling those times a training meeting, but we did get to go through a lot of stuff pertaining to the youth ministry. There was a lot of excitement in the room as we talked about everything that we were going to be trying to do. I really had no idea how the meeting would go, but really walked away with a sense that God is going to do a lot through that group. They are a very special group, and very dear to my heart.

This is a graphic that we had made for our new Wednesday Night Program. It was done in-house, by a member who is talented at Graphic Design.

Thursday nights are our regular date night, and tonight we are going to be going to a golf driving range. I am really excited, and Jessica tells me that she is excited. This is going to be her first Golf lesson, if you don't count the one earlier in the summer on the front lawn. We have decided that she is going to try and take up the game, and if she likes it, it will give us something to do together. Cool how that works out well for me. I'll have to let you all know how the lesson goes.


Gene Egbert said...

Sounds like life at your house is interesting and will be getting a little more interesting after the first of the year.

God Bess--I do miss the big guy at the front door on Sunday morning with his high priced coffee. Also Jessica leading the kids to children's church. Keep the faith.

Good luck to the two of you.