Monday, October 23, 2006

Happy Birthday, Wife

Yesterday was Jessica's birthday. Her and I actually celebrated it Sat. as we spent the day shopping. We went to Merrillville, IN, which is our favorite place to shop. We didn't buy a great deal of stuff, but that's alright, we have plenty.

I had made reservations for her birthday at a restaurant up close to Chicago called Giovanni's. It's a really nice, family-owned Italian place, with some of the best garlic roles you'll find anywhere. If I remember right, they make all their own pastas as well. This was the place that we ate at the weekend we came to interview for our job her, and I remembered that we both really liked it.

This week we're getting a bit of a mini vacation. Willow Creek is having their A2 conference, and Jessica is getting to go with me. There are actually 14 or 15 people going from our church, all of which are leaders in our church in some capacity or another. We're both really excited to spend the time relaxing and being challenged with that group at Willow.

Then on Friday, after the conference is over, we are getting a chance to see Pillar in concert in Chicago. They have a concert only a few miles away from Willow and so we're going to go see them. Our hope is that Rob, the lead singer's wife will be there with their new baby. Linda was in our wedding so we're looking forward to seeing her and Rob and hopefully the new baby.


Hubbard's said...

Happy Birthday Jessica!! Miss you both!!