Sunday, October 01, 2006

Lots of sewing

I've been busy lately sewing. I finally finished Jonathon's golf shorts - the directions were a little frustrating, but I figured it out, and have already bought a little more material to make him another pair sometime. Once I finished his shorts, I got busy with the curtains for our house. Here are the pictures. The first is of our living room. The second is our bedroom, and the last is of the office. We still have the last bedroom (someday will be the nursery) so we have a while yet to finish that one. The dining room curtain is probably my favorite, but the picture did not turn out very well, so I'll have to add that one later.

I have several projects for other people that I need to be working on. One family has hired me to make roman shades for most of their new home, so that's exciting. I also have several pairs of pants from people at work to take in or run up. It keeps me busy.

My good friend, Linda is expecting her baby boy sometime this week, and then my sister is 3 weeks away from her due date....there will hopefully be pictures soon! We're very excited for both of the new additions and definitely thank God for the blessings!


Anonymous said...

They look great! You have been very busy! It's so great keeping in touch via the blogs!