Saturday, May 12, 2007

Atlanta....sunburn, conference and baby outfit

Jonathon and I just returned from a few days in Atlanta, GA, one of Jonathon's favorite cities. We were able to enjoy lots of time together as well as several other fun things. First we attended an Atlanta Braves game Sunday afternoon. After going with my poncho and umbrella (knowning that it'd take a lot of rain to get Jonathon to leave the game), we didn't end up needing either, but instead could have used some sunscreen, which was one thing we forgot. Needless to say, we each got a little bit of a sunburn. The Braves came back in the bottom of the 7 with a great inning to win the game! Jonathon's first game in Turner field (mine, too but much more important to him). It was a great game and a beautiful day. We were also able to catch a showing of Spiderman 3 as well as go through the Georgia Aquarium, eat lunch at Hard Rock Cafe downtown, tour the CNN tower and visit the Atlanta underground all around attending the conference. And all we came back with.....was our very first clothing purchase for our baby. It seems that it is a must that our child has a Braves outfit, so we made our very first clothing purchase...a little Braves onesie. Possibly the outfit will fit just right during the World Series this fall?? (I may have to draw the line when the Missouri Tiger requests come about :), but we'll deal with that later).

The conference we attended was the Orange conference put on by the Rethink group. The idea behind the conference (and the name) is that merging family and church influences (family being red, church being yellow, merging the two makes orange) makes a greater impact than each individual influence. The conference was encouraging and resourceful in trying to merge the two. Some of the speakers we heard: Reggie Joiner, Francis Chan, Donald Miller, Sue Miller(not related that I know of), Nancy Ortberg among other great presenters/speakers. Jeff Foxworthy also made a little appearance.