Monday, July 09, 2007

No Baby Yet...But We're Getting Closer

Well, we don't have a baby yet, but as of this Friday, July 13th, she will only be 2 weeks away. The baby's room is all in order and ready to go. We still haven't packed the bag, yet, and I'm sure that we need to get on that.

Youth ministry has taken a bit of relaxing time for this summer. We basically meet every other week at a member of our church's and spend about an hour swimming before we spend some time studying through the book of Hebrews. Today I had some of the guys over to just hang out, drink Mt. Dew and play Halo. I'm pretty horrible, and they sure do have a good time making fun of how bad I really am. You have no idea how bad I am. The last game before we quit I had 6 kills and died 42 times...aweful.

Last Friday Jessica and I went in to get pregnancy pictures taken. A photographer in our church, Kindle & Foster, takes a lot of pictures of ladies when they're pregnant and do an awesome job. We'll have to post a couple of the pics when we get the proofs.

After the pictures we took off and went to Lafayette to meet up with my cousin Kerri, her husband Darren, and thier two girls. We went out to eat and had a good time visiting with them.

Just last night my mom came up with my aunt Ellen and my cousin Brandon to visit us. They had come up for Ellen to see Kerri, who lives in Indiana as well, and decided to come see us for the evening. It was a nice relaxing night to grill and watch a little tv.