Friday, August 31, 2007


This past week we took a long trip home to see all of our parents a some of our families that hadn't got to see Caleb yet.

The first leg of our trip we stayed at Jessica's parents house from Wednesday till Sunday morning. We got a chance to see Tucker - Joy and Sheldon's 10 month old - and the newest edition to the Farr family, Taylor. She is Jay and Sheila's 4 week old. That's both of them in the picture at the left.

Saturday a bunch of Jessica's extended family came over for little peek at the little guy. He was definitely ready for his momma at the end of the day.

Sunday we left Stan and Donetta's house and went to church in St. Joe at Central Christian. We got to see a bunch of people that we hadn't seen in a long time. We at lunch with Charlie and Theresa Robbins at their house and kicked back and chatted with their two boys Chaz and Christian.

Then it was on to my parents, Vern and Elaine. We got there and family had begun to show up for all the extended family to see him on my side. Again, Caleb was happy to see his momma at the end of that day.

We hung out and got to see some of the progress of my parents new house being built. They ripped down my childhood home and are building this monstrosity on the exact site of the old one. Mom has high hopes that the big house will mean more grand kids to fill it (I've got news for her).

Wednesday we left and went to Tim and Angela Prawl's for a good night with a bunch of our old friends from Central Christian. It was nice to catch up with a lot of the people who meant a lot to us while we were there. We stayed the night and left Thursday morning after getting to see Joel and Tanya Mitchell and their youngest, Mara (she is getting so big).

We're defiantly glad to be home and ready to get the fall started around here with the ministry calendar filling up as we speak.


Anonymous said...

Keep on poppin' em' out like that, you'll soon catch up to the Duell family! I bet your parents are having a ball spoiling all of their grandchildren. What a wild last couple of years for them.

Miss you!