Thursday, December 13, 2007

New Camera

I sold a few cameras we had on ebay the last couple of months in order to purchase a new digital SLR camera. After trying to buy it cheap from what we've now discovered are probably companies that should not be in business, we finally got a camera from a reputable place! So, we've been taking quite a few pictures, just trying it out.

Caleb loves baths. He kicks A LOT! Jonathon and I always get pretty wet, too. Caleb is also playing on the floor pretty well, and loves to have things in his hands, which always end up in his mouth as well. He has been going to sleep really well for us both at naptimes and at night. He also sleeps through the night, too! He makes us laugh so much; he's just so much fun. He is such a happy baby! He hasn't rolled over yet, but is teasing Mommy & Daddy, as he's SO close!

We are counting down the days to Christmas vacation. We can't wait to see our family!


Cheryl said...

Keep up the good work.