Thursday, June 10, 2010

The First of Many...

Today I was working on some database stuff for our children’s and youth ministry. I was moving kids out of junior high into high school; outof 6th grade into junior high; out of pre-k into kindergarten; and new little ones into the pre-k (Maliki Land). This last one is what caught my attention. I moved my son into the Maliki Land class.

I’ve had moments before where I would just sit in awe and watch Caleb do something or something that he would say would catch my attention. But today there was something about it. We already read him Bible stories – just last night he asked to read the book about Goliath (to which he said, “we don’t kill people”). But now we’ll be getting the small talk cardsevery month with ways that we can begin really teaching Caleb about how God loves him, God made him, and how Jesus wants to be his friend forever.

I’m excited to see what these next few years bring as we attempt to raise our son to love and know Christ. I’m excited to have moments as he grows to begin teaching him about serving others. I’m excited to have him helping me in ministry. And all of this starts right now with simple things like everyday teachable moments that God puts in our lives. I’m sure this blog post will be the first of many where I update you on moments where I realize that my kids are growing up.