Thursday, February 24, 2011

Serving Together

I grew up in a small town, and in a small-town church. My dad was and is an elder in my boyhood church. I can remember from a very early age all the extra work that he did at the church - from fixing leaky sinks, to hanging suspended ceiling tiles in a church addition.

I remember him running a new electrical line to somewhere where a room needed more power. I remember Dad with a bunch of other guys tearing up old glued down carpet in our sanctuary with shovels and about anything else you could use to scrape up that nasty stuff. I remember him taking his cattle trailer, that he meticulously cleaned out, over to a family's house to help them move. I remember him and a few other men working late nights to get an old car running that they eventually gave to a family in need. I remember going over to family's houses to pray with them before surgeries, after hardships, and just about any other kind of time that prayer is needed.

Why do I remember these things? Because he took me with him to do all of these things. My Dad has a servants heart, and he wanted me to have that also. So he took me with him. And, if I'm honest there were probably times that I went kicking and screaming. But he made me go anyway. And you know what...I don't hate church. Why? Because I saw not that church attendance was important, but because serving people in need is important. It's all about the heart of a servant.

This week, we have a great opportunity for you to invest in a servants heart in your children by serving together as a family. Check this out on Facebook:

I hear from families all the time that say they want their kids to think about other people. Take them serving with you. What opportunities does you family have right now that you could include your kids in serving with you?