Thursday, April 07, 2011

Haiti - Part 4

Day 4 - Work Continued

Like I've mentioned before, we had the privilege to work alongside of the Haitian people, and not just blow in, and do a bunch of work and leave. Instead we had the unique opportunity to work alongside the Haitian people in what they were already doing. This was their vision and their labor, and we just go to be some helping hands in that.

One of the benefits of this was many of men that we worked with didn't know Christ as their Savior, yet.

We had the privilege to speak the gospel boldly and pray for the men that we worked alongside at the construction site. Why is it that we are so much more bold away from home to proclaim the good news? Is it because there is an interpreter? Less risk, more reward? Do we falsely feel better about ourselves because we have done that here but get to leave with very little follow-up? The beautiful thing is that among the workers there seemed to be a couple of men who had a personal relationship with Jesus. Maybe we are the seed throwers and they will water it...

...last night Greg (one of our teenagers) shared along with Will (the other teen who went with us). I was extremely proud of Greg. It's awesome to watch a student who you've known for a long time share a part of his faith with a group of adults. (Journal entry March 25, 2011)

If you have the time to watch this entire thing, do it! There are some excellent testimonies on this video. But if you want to get to the nitty gritty ones about sharing our faith, fast forward to 9:52. There are also some awesome outtakes at the end.