Monday, March 12, 2012

Technology I Use: Waze

I'm a bit of a tech junkie (ok I'm a nerd), and love to find new little pieces of technology or apps that make my life easier, more fun or simply make me look cool.  One of my disappointments with the iPhone is that it does not have a turn-by-turn GPS app like that of Android devices.

Enter Waze.  A FREE turn-by-turn app that more.  It has traffic.  Gives you a heads up about speed traps or where a cop may be posted coming up - not that you'd speed or anything.  It really has a great amount of features.  It's pretty intuitive in it's navigation.  A lot of the features are great if you have someone helping to navigate with you.  Pair it with a cheap windshield mount, and you've got a winner.  And it works great in a car with bluetooth - mine however does not, which leads me to my one complaint.  Unless you have bluetooth, the audio is too quiet, and tries to only play through the iPhone's speakers, rather than through my car's speakers when I have it connected with my dock connector cable.  Other than that, it's a huge winner!