Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Baby Dedication Celebration

This weekend we will celebrate with some of our families the exciting birth of one of God's most precious creations.

Baby Dedication Celebration is one of my favorite things to get to be a part of.  Here is how we celebrate this incredible milestone with our families.

1. Homework.  During the 1st few months of a baby's life you are consumed with diapers, bottles, wet wipes, diapers, spit-up, no sleep, and did I mention diapers?

We want to give our families a chance to step back and take a look at the big picture for the future of their child, and how their own faith will impact the life of their son or daughter.  There are a three audio teachings that lead into two cards that have the parents dream about 18 years from now, and their own faith.

2.  Parent Orientation.  This little 30-min orientation allows us to meet new families, and share the Orange vision about how we as a church are excited to partner with them in the raising of their child.  The most exciting part of this is to get to talk about the importance of a partnership between us, the church, and their family.  We want them to know that we don't have some perfect picture of what a family should look like, but that we just want to help them take the next step that God has for them!  And we want them to know that we do not expect for them to feel like they are on their own.  This allows us to plug adult small groups.

At this meeting we also talk about the Celebration that will take place on the designated Sunday.  We get correct name spellings for certificates, and check to see which service each family plans to attend.

3. The Celebration.  At some point during the service we show a video that has Deuteronomy 6 as our families make their way to the stage.  We talk about the process that they've been through, and again cast the Orange Vision

We do this process twice a year.  This allows for us to be strategic in continually casting the Orange vision to every family that we can.