Monday, August 13, 2012

Environment Matters

(No, we're not talking about going Green.)  What we see, feel, hear, & even smell matters.  We work hard every week at creating an incredible environment for our children each week.  We also work hard at creating an environment that says to new families who drop their kids off that "this is a place where my kids will be safe."

Every week a new family registers their child at our check-in stations, and then brings them to their small group space.  Statistics show that what the new family sees in that first 5 minutes will make or break whether that family will consider bringing their kids back!  Holy Cow!

Here are just three key points about how to help new families (and children) have a great first impression:

  1. Arrive on Time - Making sure that you are in your assigned classroom on time goes a long way to making sure that you are ready as soon as that first child is checked in.  It also says a lot to a new family (especially the new kid) if you're available to talk with them before anyone else gets there.
  2. Control the Chaos - No family wants to see that their child is being dropped off at something that looks like there's no control.  Just about any new kid, whether they're timid or rambunctious, wants order - especially in a new place.
  3. Be Prepared - Simply taking 30-45 minutes to read over your lessons and prepare your materials during the week allows you to roll with the punches during group time.  If you're constantly trying to read what's next instead of knowing what's next, you'll loose control quickly.
  4. Greet New Families - If you're prepared, and on time, when a new family drops their son or daughter off, or picks them up you'll likely have a chance to introduce yourself to that new family.  This allows them to put a possitive face to who is leading their child spiritually.