Tuesday, December 17, 2013

"And They Will Know We Are Christians By Our Holiday Greeting..."

Oh, wait!

Personally, I'm torn on this issue.  Christmas is about Jesus - always has been always will be.  It's the reason that we even have a celebration this time of year.  And in the last few years the rhetoric back and forth between those who just want for the "holiday" time to be a little more politically correct and those of us celebrating the true meaning of Christmas only seems to be heating up.  There is even a display in Chicago about "A is for Atheist" right next to a manger scene.  It's hard to watch.  It's hard for me even to hear someone say "Happy Holidays" and not think, I wander what their angle is.

But then again, it's also hard for me to see people deliberately belittle and and poke fun of Christianity at any time of the year - much less at Christmas.

If we want people to take our faith (read personal faith) seriously, maybe we should act like it is at other times and not just when people try to take away our greeting of "Merry Christmas".  Maybe our love of people, our generous hearts, our love for the poor, our desperate need to help those down and out should be a bigger maker than a simple "Merry Christmas".

Maybe our "Merry Christmas" should actually mean it though our actions, rather than just being said.  Then people may actually know we are Christians by our love, rather than simply our "holiday greeting".