Wednesday, December 03, 2014

'Fairness is Overrated' Book Review

If you've ever lead anything, you know the tension that never sits well.  It's one of the toughest questions that we wrestle with, and almost never seem to find a solution. Do I do what's right, or what's fair?  Rarely do we get to choose both.

In Fairness is Overrated, author Tim Stevens draws on over 20 years experience in leading a larger church staff, with an incredible reaching impact.  

One of the most refreshing qualities of Stevens and his writing, is that these are tried-and-true leadership principles that have been molded and shaped as he's worked with the more than 130 staff of Granger Community Church.

Every chapter is short.  The content is easy to follow and pick up on.  One of the things that most excites me is that this is more of a manual, than a book.  The short chapters make it work like a reference book.  There are principles in this book that are not immediately important to my leadership now and the decisions that are in front of me - but they will be.  Fairness is Overrated is broken up and organized in such a way to quickly come back to the content over and over again to find those nuggets of wisdom as we attempt to lead through different situations.

If you're a leader at any level in the church, this book is for you.  If you're a business owner, trying to create a work environment where you get the best out of everyone in your company, this book is for you.  If you lead anything, this book is for you.

I recently changed roles at my church, Grace Fellowship, from Age Level Director to Executive Pastor.  I can't tell you how timely the wisdom and experience that this book offers has been and will be in my new position.

Fairness is Overrated comes out January 6th.  You can preorder the book at