Monday, May 29, 2006

Greetings Friends. This is our first attempt at trying to write out one of these blog things. Our blog is just going to be about the life that we're living here in Indiana. So feel free to check us out every once in a while; we'll try to keep this thing updated.

Life in Indiana is going really good for the two of us. Summer is just around the corner, and I'm really not sure what that means. Things will be a little bit on the hectic side. I'm getting ordained on the 25th of June so that is pretty exciting thing coming up. My parents and Jessica's mom and sister are both coming out, so it will be nice to have some family come out to see us for a bit.

We just got back from an extended weekend trip to Atlanta. I had a conference to attend on Sunday and Monday, so we went down and spent Saturday doing whatever our little hearts desired. We went to the Atlanta Underground and walked around a little in the Downtown area. We went shopping for bit, and then spend the evening at a restaurant that we had made reservations at called "Canoe."


C-But said...

BO PEEP! What's going on man! Just wanted to say hi! Jayme and I are doing great here in Nashville. Next time you're traveling down to Atlanta, stop in and say hey! Hope and Peace!!

Rom. 15:13