Monday, June 05, 2006

Just thought I might show a fun little picture from our Atlanta trip. We had the choice of renting a normal car, or a convertable. Sometimes there really are dumb questions in life.

Life continues to go well for us. We had a great time last weekend on a trip that we took to the Gary Southshore Railcats Baseball game. They are a Triple-A ball team in Gary, In, only about 45 minutes up to see them. They put on a great time of family fun. We took our 4th-6th graders and their families up to have a family fun night. I'm not sure if the kids had as much fun as the parents at times.

Planning is now getting ready for me to take our high schoolers to CIY in Anderson, IN. We leave this next Monday, and I'm sure will have a wonderful time.


Mom said...

Boy, all of this stuff is new to me. What are HTML tags anyway? I liked your picture of you guys in your fancy car in Atlanta. I am sure that at least the adults had fun at the ball game and probably embarrassed their kids (maybe that's more for older kids - teenagers). Have fun on your CIY trip. All of us "older" women had fun at the Women of Faith conference in Omaha.