Monday, June 19, 2006

Just this last week I had the opportunity to take a few of the high school students to a CIY conference in Anderson, IN. The kids had a great time, and I did as well. The conference was really well put on, with all the t's crossed and the i's dotted. We really had a good time as a group on that trip (especially with one of the students downing about a half-can of easy cheese, as another student poured for him).

We're just about to wrap up all of our graduation receptions (12 down, 1 to go). They really spread them out around here, which works out well for us (more free food).

Yesterday we spent fathers day with a couple of families that have adopted us when things like this come up. We spent the evening eating a laughing a lot. We really couldn't ask for a funner church family.


Hubbard's said...

Hello! I learned of your blog on the Bond's site and decided to get one going for us. We are at so check us out. I hope you guys post pics of Bo-Peeps ordination on your site. Take Care! Kim