Friday, June 30, 2006

We are nearing our 1st Anniversary, July 2nd. So, while our parents were all here this last weekend we celebrated, sort of. My mother, Donetta, brought the cake topper which barely escaped our hands last summer. (We were hungry for cake after returning from Mexico). But it survived the year and actually tasted pretty good. Wrapped with the cake was a note from a good friend, Tom Brand. Apparantly, we weren't the only ones that tried to eat our cake last summer! Tom had left a note that he wanted to eat the cake, but his wife Beth stopped him! Thanks Beth!

We haven't mentioned much about our "crazy dog" as our blog is titled. Ryley is our 3-yr old Weimaraner. She has just learned to catch a frisbee, and she looks pretty cool. She loves it when Jonathon rough houses with her. She's recently learned a new "trick." Several times this week, after I have left for work and Jonathon gets in the shower, she hops on the bed. She knows she's not supposed to be on there, so she waits until he gets in and somehow has figured out to get off before he is completely done. Smart? Well, we're not quite ready to admit that, but persistent we must say!