Monday, June 26, 2006

What an eventful weekend. My parents, Vern and Elaine, got here on Thursday evening and spent the weekend with us. We had a great time with them. Dad was suppose to bring me the old Craftsman lawnmower, but instead surprised me with a John Deere one instead (I now have a mower too big for my yard).

Friday was spend with Dad just tooling around the house and yard working on some different things. Then that night Jessica and I took them to our favorite restaurant, Schnicks (funny name, great food).

Then on Saturday around 1:00 Jessica's mom and dad, Stan and Donetta, along with her sister Joy and husband Sheldon, got here to really get the party started. That night we grilled for everyone and just had a good time of eating, and playing cards. It was great having everyone around for the weekend.

Then we had my ordination yesterday. The whole thing went really well, with a lot of encouraging words being said by everyone from the congregation. After the ordination we had a pot-luck dinner for whoever wanted to come and celebrate with Jessica and I. We got a lot of nice cards and some fun gifts. The word got out that I am in the market for some new golf clubs, so some people chipped in to help me in getting some.

That afternoon we had a chance to hang out with my cousin Kerri and her husband Darin who live here in Indiana. They had come up for the ordination, so we had a chance to get to hang out with them and their 7 month old Grace. She was a lot of fun and just a little bit on the cute side.

All in all we really had a great weekend. The rest is just some pictures taken at my ordination.


Hubbard's said...

Congratulatulations! Enjoyed seeing the pics. I know it must have been great to have so many family members visiting! You guys have a great 4th of July. I hope Riley is not afraid of fireworks!