Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A Hard Days Work

After a long day of running back and forth between rooms that we were working in, Ryley decided that it was time to zonk out.

Actually, the main reason we took this picture is to show that Ryley wanted to help. If you look on her ribs, you'll see that she managed to use her body as a paint brush.

We just got done painting the front bedroom/office with two different colors of tan. Now it's on to the final bedroom in the house. We spend most of last night stripping the wallpaper, and we're almost done (I hate wallpaper by the way). Then we'll be all ready to get the painting done. Then no more (except we really don't like the color in our maste bath...it might get changed).

Today is supposed to be our church golf league, but they're giving chances of rain, so I might not get to go golfing. Jessica has a doctor apt. to draw blood and let us know that everything is pretty much back to normal.

And to steal a sign off from my good friend Cole Small:

for now...