Thursday, November 09, 2006

God, My Teacher

These last couple of weeks it's been a struggle to find tha happy medium between creating a compelling program for our teens and staying true to the vision that we feel that we have been given. It's never easy for me to change. I shy away from it a lot of times. But God is teaching me that it's not about anything else, but a relationship with him, and leading kids to be disciples of him.

Where do we get so off track? How does our message get so tainted by trying to relate to culture. One of my youth sponsors said, "How does a man like David Blain take something that is not real and make it look so real, yet we who have a real and living message cannot make it even real." And we fail even with the Holy Spirit on our side. But God taught me something while I was teaching. He brought to mind the verse 2 Cor. 12:10, "for when I am weak, then I am strong."

It was then that I was reminded that it's all about making disciples. I have kids who don't like certain things, but I would rather they hate everything except Jesus. I have kids that wish I would buy Lays chips rather than Jays chips (a local brand that is just as good), but I would rather they be sold out to Jesus, than like everything that I do.

God is only going to work in this group when I realize that I am not capable to do so.