Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

It looks like we won't be going anywhere today. School was cancelled, which means we won't have youth group. And I thought I still heard that roads were closed. The county closed all their roads yesterday to keep people inside and off of the roads, because they couldn't keep up with the drifting. It was my scheduled day off today, so I didn't have to worry about getting up for work. It's nice to not have to go anywhere, but Jonathon and I both got a little cabin fever yesterday since we CAN'T go anywhere. We did have a friend stop by on his snowmobile, so Jonathon got to drive it for a little while. It is off limits to me :(

Jonathon surprised me this morning with a gift card for a 1-hr prenatal massage. What a sweetheart! And all I did was make him heart-shaped pancakes! We hope everyone enjoys their Valentine's Day, but more importantly that the special little things don't stop in February!


Anonymous said...

Enjoy that massage - maybe used it towards the end, since that's when you really start to feel the aches and pains! Of course, you always have chiropractic hook-ups, so you will surely feel great!
Hope you had a great V-day. Rob was able to be here and we actually had a babysitter - yay!
Love you & miss you,