Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Snowed In...Sort Of

Today, as Jessica got ready for work she had turned on the radio to see if she would have to go to work. The bank had told her if they would shut the bank down that they would announce it on a local radio station. They did announce that the bank was closing, but not until 10:00 am. That means Jessica had to drive to work and work for 2 hours, likely when no one else was going to be out and about. Most businesses in town are closed today as we're expected to have around 12-13 inches of snow today. So it's nice that she has to get out and do nothing for two hours.

My Senior Pastor, Tim, called this morning and told me not to go in to the office today as well. But, I needed my laptop, so I made a quick trip. The roads are getting pretty bad, as the wind is blowing between 30-40 mph, causing what would be normally wet snow that wouldn't drift, to do just that.

This last week has been a bit hard for a few of our teenagers in our youth group. A young, 16 year-old man, who was a couple day away from getting his liscense, was injured and killed in an auto accident. The funeral was yesterday. This boy and his family have been attending our church for quite some time, but I had never been able to meet this boy. I'm not sure he had been to church since I've been here. But a number of our students who have been around for a while were well acquainted with him. It's hard to know how to comfort these teens, as some of them aren't showing any emotion, yet some show every bit that they have. It's just been my prayer that they end up talking with someone about this whole thing. Death is a BIG thing for a teenager to think about.