Saturday, June 09, 2007

The End of an Era...Again

On Thursday of this week I had a friend come over and help me tear out the old tile from around our fireplace and replace it with some new tile. The tile was put in in 1992 when the house was built and definately was from that era. It was a deep hunter green tile that was remeniscent of the '90s. We replaced it with something that looks a little newer; like it came from 2007. This was my first attempt at tiling, and I don't think it went too bad.

Jessica is only 7 weeks away from the due date of having the baby. It's getting increasily more real that we're about to be parents, but I don't know that we'll ever fully get it until the baby gets here. We have 2 showers coming up. One next Saturday, and then the following Wednesday. It's amazing all the stuff you "have" to have.

We've been doing a parenting series for the last 4 weeks on Sundays and I've been given some of the sermons in this series. I preached the first one in the series, and now tommorow and the next Sunday to finish up the series. It's a little wierd preaching about parenting when I'm not one...yet. I feel like I have no credibility standing up there telling people in the middle of being a parent how I, a 24 year-old, childless youth pastor, thinks they ought to be doing it. It's going okay, but I'll be glad when I can just talk about Jesus. However, I probably know more about parenting than I do about Jesus.