Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Yucky flu, Grandparents visiting, & Picture time

Grandma & Grandpa Mitchell came to visit this last weekend. We had fun with them as well as visiting Daddy's cousin Kerri & her family. It was her two girls' birthdays. Caleb had his first battle with the flu. It got Jonathon and I a little worried, because he threw up all day on Saturday. YUCK!! Between both ends, I was doing laundry for 2 days straight! But it seemed to only last one day, and then Jonathon and I got sick on Monday, and Vern called to let us know that he was feeling down in the dumps, too! Oops...we passed something around.

Mommy bought some sheets at Wal-Mart and decided that every once in a while, she'd try her hand at some amateur photography. I have some pretty smiley times, so it's best she tries are some of she and Daddy's fun!!