Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Chicago Getaway

Jonathon and I have been wanting to have a little getaway since August, so when Jonathon had to cancel an activity this last Saturday, we decided to see what we could find. He offered a deal on on a hotel in downtown Chicago. So, Friday night, the three of us went off to downtown Chicago. We walked around that night and enjoyed the hustle and bustle and all the Christmas lights. We made a special 11 block walk up to Macy's to see the famous Walnut Room and the animated store windows. The theme this year was the Nutcracker. The tree is very tall and decorated/designed by Martha Stewart. Saturday morning, we took Caleb swimming for the first time at the hotel. He liked it after the first few minutes of solemn concentration. Then once he figured it was okay, he started kicking and smiling. We ate at ESPN Zone for lunch. When we walked out, we realized that the snow/ice had already begun to fall. (the news said that it wasn't supposed to start until 2 p.m.). So...we had a slow and careful drive home, but it was very fun!! Here is a picture from our hotel room window, a Christmas tree downtown, one of the Macy's window and the weather on the way home.