Friday, January 25, 2008

We've been terrible

We've been terrible at updating our blog. Caleb is growing very fast! He is trying to help me type right now. Not too long after Christmas, we started trying to feed Caleb solid foods. He wasn't really sure about it at first, but seemed to catch on fairly well. Then, all of a sudden after about 2 weeks, he started spitting it out. Then, he started pursing his lips together so that we couldn't get anything inside his mouth. So, we decided to put the solids up for a couple of weeks and try again later. We'll keep you updated. His bottom two teeth came in right before Christmas with not too much trouble. Then just a couple of weeks ago, he had a few grouchy days and a couple of days of a fever that then turned into a runny nose and probably an infection of some kind. Finally, one of the upper middle teeth broke through. It's still working on coming down, but it's broke through AND just last night, we noticed that he has three more on top that look like they could break through any day. I'm pretty sure at least two of them have broken through a little. So, for the most part he does pretty well, but we see a little more Mr. Grumpy than normal. He's also getting pretty good at sitting up all by himself..he looks like such a big boy. And all boy he is becoming, that's for sure!

Jonathon and I are both doing well. I started getting up three days a week to workout here at home. Jonathon already gets up those same days to play basketball with some other men in town. That's been nice for me, at least, to start to include that into my schedule again. We have some pictures of Caleb as he turned 6 months old this month that we'll get up soon...and some special ones of him in his KU outfit. The only reason he got to wear it was because KU beat MU in basketball last weekend.