Friday, January 11, 2008


It's been a little while since posts. We had a great little holiday visit with family for Christmas. It was fun to be with all the grandkids on Jessica's side and Jonathon's parents' house is almost done, so it was nice to see it. Things have kind of been crazy since we've been back. It rained a lot for a couple of days, and so there is plenty of water around here, but we are not flooded. Just a little bit south of us is though, so the kids that Jessica babysits for have been out of school most of this last week. Caleb has began eating a little bit of solids. He started on bananas and does pretty well with them now. He also just started applesauce a couple of days ago. He got a couple of teeth on the bottom right before Christmas, and we're thinking he's working on some more. He woke up this morning with a runny nose and a watery eye. And just a little bit ago we took his temp and it's a little high. He's a little crankier than normal, but not too bad. Here's a few pictures from Christmas...Grandma and Grandpa Mitchell promised us a picture in front of their new fireplace as soon as it gets finished....and we found out Caleb has another cousin on the way, due next July/August (Joy and Sheldon are expecting their second baby).


The Beckley's said...

Love the pics! That family is getting big fast :)

Caleb Mitchell said...

May God bless your son. He has a great name, and yes, the Lord is good!