Thursday, April 24, 2008

Caleb is growing up so fast! He's learning so much so fast! Here's a picture of him giving kisses....oh wait! Daddy was eating chips and Caleb wanted one very badly, so after every chip Jonathon put in his mouth, Caleb followed with a mouth wide open. Caleb is crawling and pulling up and loves to get stuff that he sees Mommy & Daddy get such as the phones, remotes and other stuff. He plays really well with his toys, too. He is eating solids like a champ. He loves Ryley, especially now that he can get her....he loves to crawl after her and when she moves than he crawls after her again...he thinks shes playing with him and he laughs and laughs.


McDowell Family said...

Caleb you are so big!!! We're really looking forward to seeing you and your mommy and daddy at the end of june!!!!