Saturday, September 27, 2008

He's a sponge!

Caleb has been doing lots of fun things lately...sometimes they're fun for Mommy, sometimes they're just fun for him! But they're cute anyway. Here are a few things he's done lately:

- We stopped on the channel of Dancing with the Stars the other night. As soon as he saw the people dancing and heard the music, he started turning circles (like he was dancing). He eventually fell, just in time for the end of the dance and clapped. He loves music.

- I was getting his shoes on the other day, which most of the time doesn't mean anything because he wants to wear his shoes all day long. This particular time, though, we were all getting ready to go outside, and I guess he had figured this out. As soon as I put him down, he walked immediately to the garage door and tried to open the door.

- He happened to open the drawer in our bathroom the other day and got a hold of a couple of Q-tips. He recognized them immediately and tried to clean out his ears. Good thing Mommy was standing right there to help him.

- He loves to play with the trash can, but since he was getting in trouble, he decided to find a "reason" to go to the trash can. So, any time someone will drop a piece of paper or he'd find the tiniest piece of fuzz, or pull off a piece of tape on Mommy's guitar case, he'd go right to the trash to throw it away.

- Sometimes Ryley leaves her food somewhere around the house. we're not sure why, but we don't like it, especially when Caleb liked to pick it up and put it in his mouth. Well, lately, we've been catching Ryley as soon as she drops it and put the food back in her bowl. This morning, he caught her and picked up the food and did just what Mommy & Daddy do...walked right to her bowl and put it back.

- Oh, and one more...he was very interested in the vaccuum today. I left the vaccuum at the end of the hall to do something else really quick. When I turned around, he had figured out a way to climb onto the base and was hollaring at me. I'm not sure if he wanted a ride or just for me to see him, but he held on for a good 5 minutes.

It's just crazy all of the little things that he picks up on. He thinks he's pretty big stuff. It makes you wonder why he pretends like he doesn't understand "No, please don't touch that." But we'll get there someday! :)