Sunday, November 09, 2008

More Funny Things

Here are just a few of the the funny things that Caleb has done over the last month.

-Caleb loves to watch Ryley eat and drink, and he will often laugh when he finds something funny about it. The other day I was in the kitchen and turned to see him down on his hands and knees with his his face in Ryley's water bowl (gross I know). He popped his head up with a huge grin and started back down at it. He got stopped the second time.

-Caleb has seen me watching football games a lot this fall (one of my favorite things). One Sunday the Bears game was on and I was watching in my chair. Caleb walked into the living room and started yelling, "Go, Go, Go!!!" at the TV.

-Caleb loves to get whatever it is that we have (cell phone, telephone, tv remote, etc.). So now he's come up with a new way to get these things. He simply finds something that he has that he thinks we would want, and tries to trade us by giving us whatever it is that he has and as soon as we take it, he reaches for what we have. Fair trade.

Here are a couple of his latest fall pictures.


Katie Franke said...

He's so cute! Great pictures.