Monday, January 24, 2011

Sex. Dating.

It's that time of year again! Every year we dive into an issue that is one not worth shying away from. Sex. This year we're using a video series with authors Michael and Hayley DiMarco who have written books for teens on these very issues.

The Bible doesn’t tell us how to ask someone out and Scripture doesn’t say what the perfect date would look like. But God gives clear guidance on how we should treat our bodies and how we should treat others … including the opposite sex.

In these four video sessions, Hayley and Michael DiMarco use practical and Biblical guidelines to help teens figure out how to build healthy relationships with the opposite sex. A great Bible study for your youth group.
+ Real-life interviews with teenagers from across the country.

+ Understand the purpose of dating and how to respect ourselves and each other.

+ Four video Bible studies on these topics:
  • Boundaries
  • The Role of Dating
  • Tough Issues for Guys
  • Tough Issues for Girls