Thursday, January 20, 2011

To Save a Life

On February 23rd we are joining with other youth groups in our community for a movie night in the KVHS auditorium. We will be watching, To Save a Life. Here a description from their website:

To Save A Life is more than a movie. It's the difference you can make when you use your influence and time for others—whether in your family, neighborhood, campus, community or world. Some people are just dying to be heard and accepted. Don't let 'em have to. Be the person who takes the time to show people they have value. Listen. Reach out. Engage. Imagine if we took the time to show other people we care. To Save A Life dares—no, inspires—you to.

To Save A Life is an awesome movie. But it's only a movie. You can change the world.

The movie deals with many of the issues that todays teenagers deal with on a regular basis. The movie may seem a little raw, but so is the reality that many of our teens live in each day. I highly encourage you to take a look at the trailer below. I also ask you to encourage your son or daughter to be a part of this night with us.