Monday, April 04, 2011

Haiti - Part 1

Over Spring Break I had the privilege to go to Haiti with a multi-generational team of people to serve the people there. Over the next few posts I'll be sharing with you some of the things I learned as well as some excerpts from my journal while I was there.

Day 1 - Travel

Our flights were fine and the airport was not near as bad I had anticipated once we got there. Our place that we stayed was beautiful. One shower (cold), but nice.

Pastor Guillomettre (or Pastor Gio for short) is the network pastor of the Christian Center for Integral Development (CCID) - a network of 700 Haitian churches - and shared with us the vision that CCID had for the people of Haiti. One area that CCID is focused on is development for the Haitian people. To help them understand how to thrive and prosper within their rich culture, something that Haiti's education system does not train the people to do. Their formula for this is:


And development, as I understood it, applied to everything from faith development to social to economic development.

Two things I loved about this model:
  1. It starts with individuals. Not the church.
  2. It's holistic. No one entity is wholly responsible for the development of the country - it requires people, families, and community.