Thursday, August 04, 2011

Called to Ministry - Part 1

This week, I've been reading the Simply Youth Ministry Today email blasts talking about calling, and it got me thinking.

The phrase "called to ministry" seems so vague and probably odd to a lot of people. As one writer of the email blasts wrote, "I remember hearing a pastor once talk about his “calling to ministry” – my first thought was how mystical it all sounded; that God would pick out some normal person and make them super special for ministry. Would God’s calling be accompanied by bright light, an audible voice, smoke and lasers?"

So for part 1, I thought I'd share about my "call" to youth ministry. I volunteered after my freshman year of college to work at the church camp I had grown up in as a kid. I went to have fun, but ended up feeling a deep longing to continue pouring into students lives. I went back to the same college for one more semester and sought the confirmation or the "what are you thinking?" of my mentor and friend, Roger Charley. Through meeting with Roger and prayer I felt like God was indeed calling me to youth ministry. I changed schools, subsequently changed majors, and the rest as they say is history.