Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Retro Post: Random Video Thursday - Bowlin' - With a little bit of Commentary

I just found out that Random Video Thursday has IMPACT. Today, my summer intern, told me that one of my teens knew all the words to a song in one of the videos that we showed on Wednesday night youth group. Lessons I'm learning from this:

  1. Random Videos rock in student ministry
  2. They have no inherant value, other than it's makes for great inside jokes that bring fun, stupid bonding.
  3. The Random Video segment WILL stay in this year's schedule.
  4. Students can memorize anything, if they will only dive into it repeatedly.
I love just about everything that Tripp and Tyler produce. The word on the street (why do people say that - especially people in small towns) is that this was played at Catalyst last year to kick things off, and then afterwards there were people set up giving bowl cuts. That's a video starting a revolution. We tried to get two of our youth sponsors who also cut hair to do the same for us after youth group, but they said 'No'. Lame.