Thursday, April 26, 2012

Overheard in my JH Guys Group

I've always loved reading Marko's versions of these, and thought I might start my own from time to time.

This week we were in James 2:14-26.  Here are some of the reactions to the question: Describe a time when you worked really hard at something, and saw the results of that practice?

JH Dude 1: I'm really good at knife throwing.
JH Dude 2: Have you entered any competitions?
JH Dude 1: No, I was going to, but I got kicked out cause I hit...
JH Dude 3: (interrupting) ...your cat?!?! "Oh, sorry Peppers."

Our opening questions usually grab some pretty great remarks.  Especially from one of our guys, who a lot of times needs to demonstrate his answer, rather than just tell us.

JH Dude 1: I've been working on how to whoop my older sister.  Here, let me show you...

JH Dude 1: I've been working really hard at video games.  I beat my brother every tim.  Most of the time he cries when I beat him, and it warms my heart.