Tuesday, February 12, 2013

How Can I Help?

One of the most difficult things in ministry is knowing what kinds of things volunteers need/want to know, especially when it comes to small group leaders.  For many of us who have been doing ministry for a while we tend to forget some of the things we've had to learn over the years leading our own small groups.

I love getting my team together and talking about some of the things that we're learning collectively.  This weekend in our team meeting, I had our team members write down two things on a notecard.

  1. What's something that surprised you about students that you lead when you first got started?  This question allowed for some great conversation around how God was shaping the hearts of our leaders towards their students.  
  2. What's something you struggle with in keeping your students on target in your small group?  This is a question that we intentionally didn't get to in our time together, but instead I told them that I'd be answering their questions in our weekly emails that go out.  This allowed for them to look forward to the emails that I send out (readership can always be higher) and for them to have helpful content.
I'm excited to repeat this process with my small group leaders as we go.  I want to constantly be helping them work on their leadership skills when it comes to leading students.  

How do you train, equip, and speak into your small group leaders?