Monday, April 01, 2013

Q&A on The Talkers & the Not-So-Talkers

Here's another answer to some of the real questions that small group leaders are asking.

Q: Some Kids want to talk a lot and others not at all.  I Don't want to stop the ones who love to be involved, but want the quiet ones to enjoy, too.

A:  Me too!  This is a constant tension to manage.  Simply put, there are some who "need" to talk more, and some that are content to just take it all in.  Then there are those who'd love the chance to talk, but just can't get in a word edge-wise.  Watch the facial expressions of the ones not talking some times.  See if you can tell if they'd like to pipe in, and then ask them what they're thinking.  They may be just waiting for the opportunity.

At times, you can simply say to someone who answers every question, "Let's hold off and let some of the others in the group answer.  We'll get to you in a minute."