Monday, March 04, 2013

Q&A on Being a Hypocrite

I love being able to answer actual questions from my small group leaders.  A while back I asked for questions from my leaders that I'd address at a later time.  Here's a post I did about that.

Q: I'm telling them not to do the very thing I did at their age (hypocritical).

A: Me too! Every single one of us is hypocritical in some ways - even if you were the goody goody growing up.  Being Christ-like does not have a scale based on what they should/shouldn't experience by certain ages.  Our job isn't to point to us as an example, it's to point to Jesus.  And now, our example is one that's worth following (don't doubt that), as we follow Jesus.  We aren't asking them to not do something we once did, we're asking them to live like Jesus.  I've always had a hard time with the idea of you'll never take someone farther than you've been yourself.  Well, if you're sitting at the feet of Jesus, there's no farther you need to take them - he'll do the rest.